Cut & Dried Flower Products

We specialise in growing a wide range of flowers suitable for both cutting and drying with nature foremost in our minds.

We use peat free compost from seed sowing through to flowering and do not use pesticides, instead we believe that it is more important to care for the soil and the wildlife in our garden, to encourage a healthy balance. We grow plants that encourage beneficial insects, especially those that attract bees, butterflies and bumble bees. We have log and stone piles to provide shelter for frogs and toads who in turn help to control the slugs and snails. Hedgehogs, birds and foxes are frequent visitors to our garden. We also make our own compost and plant based liquid feeds, so not only taking from but giving back to the garden at every opportunity.

We don’t believe that flowers should travel for almost a fortnight half way across the globe to go to an auction only to travel back from Europe, to then sit in a shop and eventually arrive to sit on our tables. Neither do we believe that they should be dipped in fungicides and treated with chemicals to prolong their shelf and vase life.

We believe that flowers should smell like flowers, and that you should be able to access all sorts of flowers that are seasonal throughout the year. Imagine sumptuous bouquets and posies that are freshly picked on that day, flowers that have all the beauty of years gone by, old fashioned scents, colours and textures. Lily of the Valley, Parrot Tulips, Bleeding Hearts and tree blossoms in Spring, Cornflowers, poppies, big blousy Paeonies, Sweet Peas and Roses in Summer, fiery oranges and reds of Autumn with Dahlias, Gourds and Pumpkins, Hellebores, evergreens, fabulous twigs, cones and seed-heads for arrangements, wreaths and garlands in Winter. Roses that hark back nostalgically to a perfect summers day ……

We also make soya & beeswax candles, dried flower arrangements, herbal teas, pot pourris and hand made garden gifts. But the main thing is that we do all of this whilst supporting adults in our community; teaching new skills and providing a supportive, relaxing and calm environment in which to build confidence, self esteem, friendships and a belief that for that person anything is possible.

the garden gangAll photos copyright Branch-out MK CIC 2014


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