Wedding Trends 2016

It’s great to be thinking ahead to sunnier days which makes us turn our thoughts to weddings. What kind of styles, ideas, flowers will be popular this season? Well we have done some thinking, surfing and following and have discovered that 2016 will be the year for:

  1. ‘Bringing the Wild Inside’ – which we have already been doing; we assembled a hazel tree with golden catkins and ivy entwined pillars for the Stony Stratford Bardic Trials on 26th January, complete with twig star lantern and laurel wreath to add a touch of magic and mystique to the event.


This was complemented by two floral arrangements using our wonderful, locally grown, seasonal foliage and flowers including Amaryllis, Helleborus foetidus, Phormium, Dogwood, Skimmia, ferns… all arranged in a ‘wild woodland’ style bouquet.

amaryllis 2016.jpg

‘Wedding flowers are set to move away from the usual types of arrangements in favour of much less structured ‘wild’ focal points’


2. Look out also for dried flowers , Ivy garlands & Wildflower posies. Our seasonal flowers & foliage are absolutely perfect for this look as well as our extensive dried flower collection. Petal Confetti is also still big and we have plenty of types to choose from whether dried or fresh.

3. Alternatives to cakes – such as pudding cakes, Pork pie cakes or ‘Cheese’ cakes all adorned with fresh and beautiful edible flowers. At Branch-out MK we are also able to supply seasonal edible flowers grown without the use of any chemicals whatsoever.

4. Metallics – think of mercury glass ware, vintage mirrors, silvered poppy seed heads… We have a whole host of event ware available for hire from lanterns to candlesticks and can even make bespoke items.

5. Feathers – from peacock blues to rustic pheasant browns, add a little fluff and whimsy to your boutonnieres and bouquets.

Peacock arrangement dried 2016
Dried Flower Bouquet with Golds & Feathers








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Qualified Horticultural Therapist, Horticulturalist, Garden Designer and Adult Tutor. Award winning Garden designer at RHS shows.

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