Ground prepped and ready to go

well, we have been busy the last few weeks, preparing the beds, weeding, incorporating compost and mulching the perennials, sowing seeds, planting up bulbs and corms. There have been some beautiful days where we have managed to finish off our paths, put in another bench, build a storage area, put in fencing and plan a pergola. Phew! Also been moving seedlings from workshop to plot and excited to see the first flowers emerging from their winter sleep, including lovely Pulmonarias, Hellebores and Snowdrops. The shoots of Alliums and Tulips are coming through and the Granny’s Bonnets are waking up. We are busy sowing more seeds so we have a succession throughout the summer, small but often is our guiding motto. We have welcomed our Occupational Therapy student as well as another volunteer, so it really is full steam ahead now.


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Qualified Horticultural Therapist, Horticulturalist, Garden Designer and Adult Tutor. Award winning Garden designer at RHS shows.

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